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Traditional Bank Financing

Due to the low rate structures, this is the preferred method of financing by most staffing companies. But, depending on the banking partner, terms and A/R availability can be limiting.

Payroll Funding

Generally more flexible than traditional bank financing.  Includes a higher advance rate, no financial covenants, and no restrictions that prohibit shareholder distributions.


Factors will purchase your invoices from you at an amount lower than face value. You receive the capital and relinquish the collection responsibilities. The catch? It is typically the most expensive funding source.


Which financing option is right for you?

Before you beat your head against the wall apply with numerous banks and private lenders, let our experts pre-qualify your company to determine which options make sense based on your Receivables base and cash flow cycle.

Traditional Bank Line Of Credit

It' all about payroll and your cash cycle

Running a temporary staffing company can be very profitable. The current business environment favors outsourcing employees, rather than hiring them. This environment creates an attractive opportunity for staffing agencies.


Growth can be both fun and scary.

Funding payroll. Meeting tax obligations. Covering operational expenses. As a staffing company, you face a variety of cash flow challenges. It is critical to work with a financial services provider that keenly understands the ins and outs of your industry. Our advisers have years of lending experience and we are here to help you grow.

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