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Veterinary Practice Loan Financing

Our veterinary practice loan team has helped numerous vets acquire, build, equip, expand and refinance their practice debt. We help you assess custom-tailored financing solutions provide by our co-op partners.

Georgia Veterinary Practice Loans & Financing Programs:

  • Practice acquisition financing
  • Commercial real estate purchase
  • Commercial real estate construction
  • SBA & Conventional loans
  • Line of credit - Cash flow financing
  • Equipment loans & leasing
  • Partner buy-in/buy-out

Small Business Administration loan programs

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Veterinary Practice Acquisition Financing –
Selling an Veterinary Practice. Use Veterinary Practice Financing to Leverage your asking price. Call us for a courtesy consultation on both Veterinary practice acquisition concerns and best programs available.

Veterinary Practice Debt Consolidation
Consolidate your Veterinary practice debt and increase your cash flow, save money, lower your monthly payments. Add additional equipment or working capital

Veterinary Practice Expansions, Relocations & Remodels
We will help make your vision a reality – expand, move or remodel we can offer you financing for your project

Veterinary Practice Startups Loans

Veterinary practice loans are available from 150,000 up to $350,00 with full documentation. Veterinary Practice Startup Financing available for new graduates, associates and those seeking a second location

Veterinary Equipment Financing / Leasing
Quick, Great Rates, Terms, Flexible, Veterinary Equipment Financing or Leasing

Is buying my practice wise with all my student debt?

Many veterinary associates these days wonder whether buying a practice is still a viable option in today's economy. After all, how can they take on additional debt when they're already saddled with their student loan burden?

If the practice you're considering is valued fairly, the loan terms are reasonable, you have a sufficient down payment (10 percent to 20 percent), and you're conservative with your personal spending, then the earnings after purchase should be sufficient to cover your loan payments and any additional tax liability resulting from ownership. Here's how it works.

Vets go high-tech to keep pace with competitors 

Veterinarians love their toys. Which is why the past decade saw us adopt digital technology in droves — digital X-rays, in particular. This decade is shaping up a little differently, though. Equipment that complements more traditional care is taking off. Underwater treadmills, lasers and even hyperbaric chambers are making impressive headway in what I felt was an already cluttered market of high-end vet services. Cool stuff, but how can I afford all of this?

Feline care takes a front seat.

Over the past decade, the state of feline affairs has become an increasingly evident source of consternation within our profession. Despite their role as the No. 1 pet in the nation, population-wise, it’s clear our cats aren’t enjoying the benefits our dogs do. Vet visits are down, compliance is low relative to that afforded their canine cousins, and, to make matters worse, the indoor vs. outdoor debate rages on with recent reviews dissing trap-neuter-return policies.

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