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Looking to start a school?

If you love enriching the lives of  children, starting a private school is a smart business choice. With a school business, you can go small, by having a home preshool, or big, with a full facility.

Licensing and Legal Matters

Licensing requirements vary from state to state. For example, you may need a license for a home presschool only if you have a certain number of children that you teach. Licensing typically involves a visit to the site to check for safety and current paperwork on each of your children. To learn about the license requirements of your state, talk to the Department of Social Services, Department of Health or Department of Family Services.


You can operate a preschool in your home, provided you have enough space for the number of children you want to watch. Otherwise, you'll need a separate building. When looking for a location, look for a place that has a large outdoor area for children to play in. If you are starting a large daycare center, you'll probably want a building that has separate rooms so that you can easily divide the children by age. In this type of setting, you should design special bathrooms for the children, with low toilets suitable for potty training children.

Setting Up Shop

You'll need a wide variety of equipment and supplies to teach the children. It's easiest to focus on one age group so that you can purchase age-appropriate resources. Look for supplies that offer learning opportunities for the children and that encourage both mental and physical development. You'll also need to be sure that the area you've created is safe.

Hiring Staff

In large schools, hiring staff to take care of the children is a must, but even a small school can benefit from having occasional help. The staff that you hire should have experience working with children, especially in the age group that they will work with. If possible, hire staff that has child development or educational training.

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