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Shop & Facility Financing

Looking to grow your business? Partner with a Georgia-based community bank offering: Constructions loans, leasehold improvement financing, and building acquisition loans. Our advisers are current and former lenders - learn more about this process and what banks look for from our expert advisers.


Equipment Financing

Lease or Buy? Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of financing your new or used equipment purchases through popular leasing and traditional loan options. You may surprised at the true cost of financing your equipment purchase. We can help you acquire woodworking, fabrication, welding, and plastic working machines.


Inventory and Operating Capital

Looking to top shore up your working capital?  Expanding your production capacity can be exciting, but it can also leave your cash flow depleted. Flexible funding options can help you manage growth to capitalize on new opportunities. Our free advisers are here to help your explore your options.


Alternative ways to improve cash flow...

1. Reassess the pricing of your products

Properly pricing products require an in-depth understanding of business and if it's not done correctly your company could suffer for it. Under-pricing can help increase competitiveness, but the amount that you are charging must always be sustainable. So sometimes it’s a good idea to re-evaluate and see whether your pricing is suitable.  For goods that require a larger investment on the outset, a higher price may be taken more seriously because of the concept of price perception; as for many potential customers will see a relationship between price, quality and value. Try and find that middle ground and remember that you can always scale your prices back again if margin permits.

2. Penalize late payments

When it comes to cash flow one of the biggest issues is late payments from clients, so a proactive approach is needed to resolve this problem. The best way to do this is to implement a system that incentivizes paying early and penalizes paying late. This could take the form of a small discount or access to special promotions for those who settle their debt within a set time period, and interest added on to the accounts of those who have neglected to pay for too long. Properly done, such a set-up could help improve your cash flow significantly.

3. Don't be afraid to renegotiate

In order to manage costs, you need to look at the situation from every angle and this includes reviewing any long-term contracts with suppliers or service providers. Over time if you have developed a strong supplier relationship you may be in a far better position to negotiate a stronger deal, having proven your reliability and previous purchase history. Simple things like obtaining longer credit terms, lower minimum quantities, price breaks or even the smallest saving can go towards improving cash flow or decreasing your expenditure.

4. Implement efficient stock control methods using ERP

Perhaps the most important factor in improving your cash flow is to have a strong stock management system and processes in place to ensure efficiency.  ERP software with inventory management functionality will help avoid scenarios such as excessive stock levels or inaccurate stock data. It provides a comprehensive picture of the company cash flow, as such integrated ERP technology can also be a financial management tool and assist you in improving resource planning within your business.

5. Consider leasing

Technological developments are continuous and equipment can quickly become outdated and inefficient. Desktops give way to laptops, laptops to mobile devices and manufacturing machines can be a huge capital outlay where maintenance costs can increase year on year. One of the options is leasing, which turns a capital cost to a monthly operational cost. It is a cost-effective method that will give you the latest technology at your fingertips without breaking the bank to get your hands on it.

Although it may not make sense to lease smaller items such as desktops, laptops and mobile devices when it's time for a change you can try selling your redundant items to recuperate some monies. But remember to delete all your business data first!

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The Pros and Cons of Small Business Administration (SBA) Business Loans


  • Lends comfort to lenders who otherwise wouldn't do the loan
  • Longer terms and less money down than conventional loans
  • No balloon payments
  • Loan payments can typically be lower


  • Higher rates and fees than traditional bank loans
  • More paperwork and time invested by the applicant
  • Typically requires a personal guarantee
  • Prepayment penalty
  • You still have to have good credit

More SBA information here:

SBA 7(a) Loans

SBA 504 Loans

Small Business Administration

What are lenders looking for?

Don't waste your time shopping banks. Our advisers keep track of banking appetites and who's "open for business".

  • Loan analysis and underwriting requirements
  • SBA vs. Conventional
  • Loan-to-value (LTV) options
  • Financial and revenue trends
  • Infrastructure, production capacity, managing accounts receivable
  • Tax incentives
  • Deal structure options

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