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Church Property Acquisition Lending

When purchasing an existing facility, it is important to partner with a bank that understands lending to ministries. Unlike a standard business loan, churches rely on giving units and capital campaigns to fund most of their capital needs. We understand and we can help!

church construction loan

Church Construction / Expansion

Constructions loans have two components: The construction phase and the permanent financing phase. Both components are critical in the short and long-term success of your ministry. Our advisers have worked with other local churches to help tailor suitable financing to meet your expansion plans.

What are lenders looking for?

Local banks can have varying requirements when it comes to church lending. Our advisers keep track of banking appetites and who's "open for business".

  • Property quality
  • Reliability of the church's bookkeeping
  • Capital campaign strategies
  • Loan-to-value (LTV)
  • Giving unit and member trends
  • Size and structure of the deal
  • Church leadership profile

Let's Talk Church Finanaing Programs

1) Capital Campaign / Generosity Coaching

– find a really good firm that can help you do this. This area is a tough one for most church leaders … because they admittedly are not the best at asking for money … and developing a culture in their church for generosity to prosper. This is also a significant area where a good firm can help you cast vision around cash.

2) Quality Brokers

– here’s the deal … sometimes you need a person who hunt down the best deal(s) for your church’s paper … when your “credit” is less than perfect as a church. A lot of banks in the US simply freak out with churches who don’t have deep pockets, are non-denominational or community based, and are not tied to a wealthy denomination. That’s where a broker can come in and assist you.

3) Church-Focused Banks

– there are very good banks out there with people who are top-notch. If you are a church with a solid history, growing attendance, and positive cash flow … a traditional bank that focuses on church loans may be a great thing for your church. If they feel like you are a good fit for their portfolio of loans … they will hunt you down. When they don’t believe you are a good fit … no one will call you or knock on your door. In that case … call a broker.

4) Being Realistic About What You Will Get

– churches, in general … are awful at this. If your annual income as a church is $400,000 per year …. don’t assume you can get a loan to build a $10,000,000 facility. It will not happen. Why is this so important? Because if you cast vision on a building you cannot afford (or get a loan for) … you are going to kill momentum in your church AND people will likely think your leadership team’s mind is stupid.

To qualify for a loan, a church should:

  • Have total debt service plus any rental payments not exceed 25% of the congregation’s general giving
  • Have total outstanding loans not exceed 80% of the property value for loans
  • Be in existence for a minimum of 3 years
  • Be incorporated
  • Have a history of stable or increasing attendance and general giving over the past three years
  • Be current on all its existing financial obligations

Questions about church financing programs?

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