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Equipment Financing

Lease or Buy? Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of financing your equipment purchases through popular leasing and traditional loan options. You may surprised at the true cost of financing your equipment purchase.


Contractor Working Capital Loans

The construction field encompasses many different trades and specializations, we specialize in helping our clients obtain custom tailored loans within the construction industry.


Surety Bonding Line

If your bonding capacity benefits from having a bank line of credit on standby, we can help you locate a bank with the willingness to help. Traditionally, many banks avoid these lines due to the low utilization.

surety bonding

Loans for construction companies

Obtaining small business financing is absolutely crucial to running a successful and stable contractor or construction business. Even those companies that have significant cash reserves in the bank see incredible value to having access to flexible and affordable small business capital.

Contractors are constantly looking to expand and start new projects. Construction business financing for most contractors is very difficult to find. Banks are still weary of financing new development projects whether its a mall or a simple single family house.

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