For loans over  $250,000 Line or $500,000 term debt please click here to be directed to our online submission form:

Lines up to $250,0000 or up to $500,000 Term Debt -> We have partnered with OnDeck and Kabbage to provide Georgia businesses with additional lending options not traditionally serviced by our community bank partners.

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OnDeck Funding

 1+ years in business | 500+ credit score | $100,000 income over last 12 months


1+ years in business | 550+ credit score | $50,000 income over last 3 months


Applying for a business loan? Here are some steps that will help smooth out the process. Please contact one of our free advisers for assistance.

Why do you need the money?

While it seems obvious, having solid plan around the amount you are requesting can help put bankers at ease. Being able to articulate the purpose for the loan and provide collateral and receipts for purchases is imperative. If the company is new, or venturing into a new endeavor, a business plan will help.

Know your credit score?

Yes, the bank will pull this for you after an application had been processed. For conversation purposes, do yourself a favor and pull it beforehand. Share it with potential banking partners to demonstrate your preparedness and credit worthiness.

Be open minded

Lending is more of an art than a science. Your banker may suggest ways to get you the funding you require - this may be different than what you had in mind. Listen and consider ALL of your options. Ask the banker to explain his/her reasoning behind the suggested structure. Talk to multiple sources to find the right structure for your company.

Make an appointment

Don't just walk into your local bank and ask for a business loan. This will most likely get you an appointment with a retail banker than knows very little about business lending. Call ahead and schedule an appointment with a business banker, commercial banker, business loan officer, etc. Better yet, get referred in by your CPA or Investment advisors, local SBDC or other comparable partner.

Arrive prepared

Basic loan application documents:

  • 2 Years of business tax returns (3 years is ideal if available)
  • 2 Years of personal tax returns (3 years is ideal if available)
  • Personal Financial Statement - The SBA's form is universally accepted by all banks. Click here
  • Year-to-date business Profit & Loss (Income statement) and Balance Sheet
  • Business Debt Schedule Click Here
  • Bring any contracts, quotes or estimates that may be helpful to your request.
  • Accounts receivable aging report, inventory report and accounts payable will be helpful for line of credit requests