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Allstate agencies serve a vital role in our Georgia communities and economy.

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It takes a special kind of person to become an Allstate Agency Owner. A successful candidate is both dedicated and driven. Someone who isn't afraid to turn risks into rewards. Someone who loves helping people live a good life, while living one too. Sound like you? Then you'll like being an Allstate Agency Owner.

Your Business, Your Way

This is your Allstate agency. That means you’re in charge of every aspect of your business, from what you sell to who you staff to when you work. From the moment you open your doors, you can do things your way.*

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One thing we do to give you room to grow is remove the ceiling. With no caps on what you can earn, the sky's the limit for your bottom line.

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We make sure you and your staff have access to education and support about our products, sales techniques, productivity tips and marketing tools. To us, that’s just good business.

Great Compensation and Benefits

We give you a highly competitive commission structure, plus the recognition and production incentives to back it up.

Customizable Marketing/Advertising

As an Agency Owner, you can count on the support of Allstate’s multimillion-dollar national advertising campaigns, plus customizable local marketing and advertising materials —brochures, mailers, emails, etc. — along with your own personalized web page and office signage.



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  • Small Business Administration loans here:
  • Conventional Bank Term Loans 2-15 years
  • Commercial Real Estate Loans [Office Condos]
  • Working Capital Line of Credit - Cover marketing and daily operating expenses

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90 Day Termination without Cause.

Allstate reserves the right to terminate the Exclusive Agency Agreement for any reason or for no reason upon providing 90 days’ notice.  While in theory the agent still has the right and opportunity to sell her “economic interest,” she may have little time to do so.  And the value of her interest may be compromised if she is forced to conduct a fire sale.  Some agents lament that they were assured they would never be terminated without “cause.”  Regardless of what may have been said, the contract plainly speaks to 90 day termination without cause, and Allstate plainly can and does exercise that option regularly.

Sales are at Allstate’s Discretion.

While the contract permits agents to sell to third party buyers, it reserves for Allstate exclusive discretion to approve or disapprove such a sale. Inevitably, this shrinks the potential market.  Worse, it can lead to mischief if local management meddles in the negotiations between the selling agent and his buyer.  While Allstate announces certain criteria from time to time that will determine whether an outside buyer is “qualified,” those criteria change regularly and are not uniformly followed.

Termination Payments are Not Guaranteed.

Currently, Allstate offers a termination payment (TPP) to outgoing agents who, for whatever reason, do not sell to a third party.  The termination payment is roughly equal to one and a half times the agent’s annual commission income, and it is paid out over twenty-four (24) months following termination.  The termination payment itself is often smaller than the market price for the economic interest of the book of business, but it does at least provide some hedge for the agent unable to locate a buyer acceptable to Allstate.  Unfortunately, the Exclusive Agency Agreement does not guarantee that Allstate will continue its practice of providing termination payments.  Agents investing in an agency face the risk that – when they are ready to cash out – Allstate will not approve a proposed sale and will no longer offer termination payments.

The Agreement Itself is Subject to Constant Change.

The Allstate R3001 Exclusive Agency Agreement is eleven pages long.  The Agreement itself has not been modified since it was introduced in 1999.  However, it includes the following provision: “Agency acknowledges that it has reviewed the Supplement, EA Manual, and Agency Standards and that it has on ongoing responsibility to review all changes to the Supplement, EA Manual and Agency Standards issued by the Company and agrees to be bound by them.” Collectively, the referenced documents contain hundreds of pages of rules.  Allstate modifies these documents routinely.  In effect, Allstate takes the position, “We can unilaterally modify the Contract at any time, and you agree in advance to be bound by those changes.”  So not only should a potential new agent read the fine print, she should also get out her crystal ball and forecast additional print Allstate may wish to add in the future.

Commission Rate is Not Guaranteed.

Pursuant to the R3001 Agreement, “The sole compensation to which Agency will be entitled for services rendered pursuant to this Agreement will be the commissions as set forth in the Supplement, as may be amended from time to time.”  Historically, Allstate offered ten (10%) percent on new P&C insurance business.  In 2011, Allstate announced a new variable commission plan under which commissions would drop as low at eight (8%) percent but would increase to eleven (11%) percent for highly competitive agents.  In response to serious agent pushback, Allstate lessened the blow by putting the floor at nine (9%) percent instead of eight (8%) percent.  How long that will hold remains to be seen.

An Allstate Agency represents a significant investment of time, money, and mental and emotional energy.  Interested candidates must conduct a serious and careful examination of all aspects of the proposed arrangement.  A great place to start is a conversation with existing Allstate agents.


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